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Amy Pigott

Hello, my name is Amy and here is a bit more about me!!

Two and a half years ago life looked very different. I was living at home with my parents, I was working in a job I really didn’t like and was desperate to leave, I was working double time doing my Master’s Degree and I was commuting back and forth every other weekend to see Ray (who was living in Lincoln before we were married). While finishing up my Master's degree in History, and with a low paid job (due to needing to work part time while I study) and mounting student loans I wanted to find something that enabled me to work from home while still being able to devote time towards my studies. Life was busy and I didn’t think I had a spare second to take on anything else, but I decided to take a chance on myself and try something new. I don't usually take leaps of faith so this was a big deal for me. 

Life has changed inexplicably since we joined It Works, from being able to complete my Master’s degree, we have got engaged and married, we have moved house and taken a number of trips, including two trips to Florida this year.

Above everything else we look forward to a future where we can continue to help other people change their futures too. Our passion lies in helping others who need, want and deserve more, take their first steps and grown their own successful businesses. We want to continue to give back to charity and continually be a part of helping others change their lives, whether it is physically or financially.

Our dream for you is that you open your heart to this opportunity and that you will trust us to guide you on this incredible journey.

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